Interview with Janelle Jarad, Crystal Sanger, Laura Lancz, Michaela Talbot about their thoughts about the academy and Darren Fowler.

What did you like?

I liked the fact that Darren is approachable in the video. It comes across as clear that he appreciates where he came from and has a clear vision of where he wants to go next. I also like that he conveys his passion for hair and the things around him that inspire him on the daily. – Janelle Jarad

I loved how natural and raw the video felt. Even though it was a video it didn’t feel scripted. It also made me excited to see and learn more from you just like I felt hearing you speak in London! – Crystal Sanger

I liked the idea of learning to become a brand and create a following based on specific skills. – Laura Lancz

I love Darren’ s energy as always and how we get a little sneak peek behind the scenes. – Michaela Talbot

Anything you didn’t like?

I found the subtitles to be a bit distracting….would rather have them optional. There is so much going on visually in the video that the subtitles drew my attention away from the visual aspect. – Janelle Jarad

Honestly, there’s nothing I didn’t like. I watched it over and over to try and critique it but I got nothing lol – Crystal Sanger

I was hoping there’d be a bit more detail in what sort of education is available is it mostly hands on cutting techniques or more business focused? – Laura Lancz

What are the 2 key things you would like to learn from this academy?

How to continually grow as a person, as a career minded individual, and a mentor.

How to use the things around me to ignite passion and creativity on an even higher level, so that I continue to serve my guests and the people who I mentor to the very best of my ability and that it is clear to them that I am committed to new ways of thinking and doing. – Janelle Jarad

Wow its hard to just name 2 things but I would say…

1. To grow my skill and learn as much as I can

2. To stretch myself as an artist and not be afraid to challenge myself – Crystal Sanger

It’s my dream to educate fellow hair designers and travel gathering knowledge in techniques and personal business building. I would also love to develop my technical skills to be a more versatile stylist by learning how to break into both the educational and the commercial/editorial side of the business. – Laura Lancz

I would love to learn more about how Darren stepped out of the box to make his career blow up. Was he behind the chair? Was he just getting introduced to the idea of being an educator? –  Michaela Talbot

Would you like to know more?

DUH! Yes, of course. – Janelle Jarad

Absolutely! – Crystal Sanger

Absolutely! I’m thrilled for this opportunity and am excited to see what’s in store! – Laura Lancz

This video was such a teaser! Haha I want to know more about everything. –  Michaela Talbot

Any other comments?

Namaste. -Janelle Jarad

Great job on the first video! I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!! – Crystal Sanger

Nope! – Laura Lancz

I am personally trying to figure out what my next step is in the industry but am not really sure how to get started on venturing out. – Michaela Talbot

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