Creating Characters / Design Courses


These courses show you how to look at the design and the art of cutting, and the synergy between the two. Looking at hair as a material and using new texturising and sculpting techniques, it will enable you to deliver new looks and designs. You will also discover how to build and create a character – whether for fashion, advertising, film or theatre – and how to bring that to your everyday client.

Men's Designer Cutting

Monday 21st October


Woman's Designer Cutting

No available dates

Cut & Colour

No available dates

Private Coaching Session

If you are in need of extra coaching you can book a private coaching hour or coaching package. Each coaching session is bespoke to you and your needs. Just let us know previous to your session what you would like to cover.

Your Coaching sessions will take place at fowler35, 35 Windmill Street, W1T 2JS, London or via Skype, Whatever is more convenient for you.

If you wish to book a coatching session you can do so by contacting us by the contact form on this page.

Takeaways from your coaching session:

  • Double your income
  • How to attract more clients
  • Know and create your brand (salon or private)
  • Recruit the right team


1 Hour Coaching


5 Hour Coaching (Save 50)


10 Hour Coaching (Save £100)


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