About the Fowler Hair Academy

Welcome to the fowler hair academy – We provide online hairdressing courses to professional hairdressers dreaming and looking for inspirational ways to earn more money and to skyrocket their career. We teach and share the skills, mindset and attitudes to live an enriched life as a hair designer.

Our mission is to help people grow, develop their personal goals, find purpose and run a profitable business. It’s about sharing experiences and inspiration. Enabling members to excel in their chosen career paths through technical skills, character creation, passion, business, creativity and personal branding.

Join the Fowler Hair Academy today to skyrocket your career, gain more clients and beat your competition!


Fowler Hair Academy Introduction


Our Online Courses

Fowler Fundamentals Membership

Monthly or Annual Membership - from £12.99 Month


  • 1 Month FREE Membership
  • Beginner to advanced Hairdressing Tutorials (Technical & Creative)
  • Learn how to triple your income
  • Learn how to grow your clientele
  • ​Learn how to Create Characters for fashion, tv, film and theatre
  • Learn how to Create Characters in your chair
  • Learn how to get started in the fashion industry
  • Learn how to market yourself as a salon Stylist or freelancer
  • Learn about Personal Branding
  • More satisfied customers, more referrals, more free time! (You can’t put a value on a better quality of life!)
  • Certificate to showcase your new skills

In this membership you will Discover all the fundamentals of cutting beautiful basic lines that can help you excel and achieve the dream of becoming a supreme stylist. Learn new skills of advanced hairdressing that will set you aside from the rest!

Using the Heritage of British hairdressing, discover the way that we implement this at fowler35 and give away all secrets so you can climb the creative ladder.

You will also get access to business intellegence, so you can triple your income and at the same time learn about personal branding and how you can market yourself as a salon stylist/freelancer 

Beginners to advanced, it’s always good to revisit the heart of your craft.
Business Membership

Annual Membership - £495 Year


  • Business Tutorials
  • Beginner to advanced Hairdressing Tutorials (Technical & Creative)
  • Start a Profitable Salon Business
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Learn How to market yourself as a salon Stylist or freelancer
  • Access to the Entire Academy 
  • More satisfied customers, more referrals, more free time! (You can’t put a value on a better quality of life!)
  • Certificate to show your new skills
  • + everyhting you would get in a Fundamentals membership
  • BONUS: Scissor Designed by Darren Fowler Valued £300
  • BONUS: Complimentary Coaching Hour via Skype or at fowler35 (London) Valued £130

Are you ready to take the step to become a salon owner?

As a salon owner, you are the person with ultimate control of every aspect of the salon. You’re responsible for making a profit and in charge of branding, marketing, finding premises, hiring staff and cash flow.

In this membership, you can expect to learn everything you will need to know as a salon owner or a manager, and more!

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