Our story so far...

The Fowler Hair Academy is a brand new Online Membership platform for the professional hairdresser. It’s for hair stylists dreaming and looking for inspirational ways to earn more money and to skyrocket their career. The Fowler Hair Academy teaches and shares the skills, mindset and attitudes to live an enriched life as a hair designer.

If you that are striving to achieve the next level of creativity and business look no further!

Our mission is to help people grow, develop their personal goals, find purpose and run a profitable business. It’s about sharing experiences and inspiration. Enabling members to excel in their chosen career paths through skill, character creation, passion, business, creativity and personal branding.

This is what you can expect to learn as a member of the Fowler Hair academy:

How to triple your income generating more money from your business
How to increase client retention and sales
How to skyrocket your career
How to live the life you want
How to become the designer you want to be
How to live your passion and travel the world
How to become an A-list professional working with celebrities

Become the Hair Designer you want to be, and earn the money you deserve!

Our three pillars

The fowler hair academy was created by Darren Fowler as an extension to his classroom education. He wanted to create a space for professional hairdressers where they could keep the conversation and the creativity going outside the classroom.

The three pillars the Fowler Hair academy is built upon are:


A space of professional hairdressers for professional hairdressers where industry related topics can be discussed.


Education and mentoring to take the individual on a journey of success.

Business Intelligence

Insight from the industry and Darren’s many years of knowledge as a Creative director/session stylist and celebrity hairstylist.

In the Successful Stylist series, you will learn about how you can become the very best version of yourself and gain knowledge about cutting techniques, trends, personal branding and how to grow your clientele and earn more money working more efficiently.

Access this module with a ‘Monthly’ ‘Annual’ or Business Mogul Membership

Have you always dreamt of working for fashion week or maybe creating characters for movies? In the Supreme Creative series, you will learn how to become a session stylist / celebrity stylist / A-list Stylist, creating characters for fashion, tv, film and in your chair.

Access this module with an ‘Annual’ membership or ‘Bussiness Mogul’ Membership


Do you dream of one day having your own salon, being a team leader or maybe you are a salon manager looking for inspirational ways to earn more money? In our Business Mogul series, you will learn how to do just that! Make your life goals a reality, develop your business and gain industry knowledge straight from a top salon in London.

Access this module with a ‘Business Mogul’ Membership


A little bit more...

Creating Characters

Creating characters is what we love and our passion. This creativity is something the fowler hair academy wants to showcase and highlight. We are dedicated to continuing doing so by teaching our members how to create characters for fashion, film, tv and in the chair.

Personal Branding

At the Fowler Hair Academy, we understand the importance of branding. Not just for your business, but also how to brand yourself to really crush it out there! Fowler Hair Academy will teach you how to set up your own brand but also keep your brand within a brand.

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